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35 Days of Focus

Summer of 2012

Through prayer and seeking the Lord’s will for the direction of preaching over the summer, the Lord has directed the pastoral staff toward a preaching series that has been titled – “35 Days of Focus.”   We will take a break from the “Acts of God” study in order to pursue revival.

At times in the life of our church, things can get out of focus.  In such times, we need to be reminded about key issues that we face.  I’m asking for us to spend the next 35 days focusing in on important and key issues related to our personal spiritual lives and our corporate family of faith known as Pray’s Mill Baptist Church.  It is my desire to see our church pursue God, seek revival, and prepare for the future. 


The Devil is our enemy according to the Bible!  Satan is called the “Devil” 34 times in the Bible.  That title means “slanderer” and we should not be surprised when he slanders us!  We must put on the whole armor of God and be prepared for attack!