Covid-19 Update: We will return to campus w/ a modified schedule May 17. Details and schedule here: Join us →



Livestream – PMBC YouTube Page

*Due to specific YouTube restrictions, we cannot embed It on our website at the moment. If you click the link above, you will be able to locate It.

*Our livestream will only be providing the preaching, so it will begin approximately 11:10am – 11:15am.

We have returned to campus for weekly worship in a modified format. You can see our schedule below.

Weekly Schedule for the Month of May

  • Sunday May 17 – (Easter Celebration) Morning Worship Service (PMBC Campus) 
  • Sunday May 17 – Sunday School (6:30pm on Zoom)
  • Wednesday May 20 – Old Testament Survey (6:30pm on Zoom)
  • Sunday May 24 – Morning Worship Service (PMBC Campus)
  • Sunday May 24 – Sunday School (6:30pm on Zoom) 
  • Wednesday May 27 – Old Testament Survey (6:30pm on Zoom)
  • Sunday May 31– Morning Worship Service (PMBC Campus)
  • Sunday May 31 – Sunday School (6:30pm on Zoom)

We will not be offering any small groups, Sunday school, or children’s nursery during the month of May. We will likewise not be gathering on campus for Wednesday Bible study, prayer, and AWANA during the month of May. We will announce our plan for June during the final week of May.

Online Giving Opportunity: Give Online

Please enjoy our livestream, however, we ask that you please refrain from using our livestream as your church. According to Ephesians 4 and Romans 12, the body of the church matters and believers who are disconnected from their local church not only hinder their church, but they hinder themselves.

You need the local church as God’s intended purpose of delivering to you the ordinary means of grace on a weekly basis. Invest your life into your local church for the glory of God.

The purpose of our livestream is for bridging the gap during seasons of sickness, travel, and to aid people who may be looking for a church home in our area. We hope that this livestream will be an encouragement to you.