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Josh Buice

A little about me and my journey in the faith and ministry:

My story is interesting – to say the least!  My wife and I were members of Pray’s Mill Baptist Church as kids.  Our families were involved in the ministries of this church and we initially crossed paths as children without realizing that we would one day become husband and wife.   Although I was very involved in the ministries of our local church, I was a lost church member. I had walked down the aisle when I was 6 years old at another church in our community. I prayed a prayer with a preacher and later I was baptized as a member at Pray’s Mill. However, it was not until I was 25 years old that God caused me to be born again through the gospel. Although I use the term “lost church member” I was sincere – just sincerely wrong. I was not out to fool anyone. I was the one being fooled.

After I became a Christian at 25, God placed an irresistible desire to preach the gospel in my heart.  After a time of confirmation in my own personal life, I began to feel that God was calling me to formal education to sharpen the gifts and calling He had placed on my life.

Not long after God saved me, I married my wonderful wife Kari. After confirmation in both of our lives, we moved to Louisville, KY to attend seminary.  During our journey, the Lord has blessed our family with four wonderful additions (Karis, John Mark, Kalli, and Judson).

In June of 2010, I accepted the call to pastor Pray’s Mill Baptist Church.  After pastoring in the states of Kentucky and Tennessee, the Lord moved my family and I back to our home church in Georgia.  Since my wife and I grew up here as children, the privilege of serving the people who once served us is humbling.  Although God called us away from a church we loved in Tennessee – He has brought us back to our roots to serve Him and the people of Pray’s Mill Baptist Church.

On behalf of our entire congregation, I would like to invite you to our services, and if you would like to speak with me or any member of our pastoral staff, please call our church office and we will be happy to set that up for you as well.

God Bless,

Pastor Josh Buice
You can find my blog where I frequently write for G3 Ministries: Delivered By Grace