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PM Ecuador

Our commitment to reach Ecuador with the gospel of Christ started through a season of prayer and seeking the will of God.  It became clear through the providence of God that He was leading us to Ecuador!  After submitting to Him, we started by announcing the project to our church family.  You can read the information below and see the sermon preached on the Sunday when “The Big Announcement” was unveiled.

From the beginning, our church family has been extremely supportive in our efforts to reach Ecuador!  You will see the information below regarding our goal and needs for this project to be accomplished.  Remember that our goal is to raise $25k over the next 25 days in our effort to build the building and officially begin our partnership and church plant in Zhud Ecuador.  Please pray and fast as we seek God’s direction in this project!

I.  The First Steps in our Zhud Church Plant Project

Pray’s Mill Baptist Church will invest in the people of Ecuador by planting a church in the mountain region of Zhud (near El Tambo).  Our goal is to reach, teach, baptize, and disciple people for the glory of Christ.

What will be our goal?

The goal of this ministry is to spread the glory of God in Ecuador through a passionate commitment to missions.  The goal is not to build the fame of our name or ministry.  The goal is Christ centered and for His glory alone.  If Christ doesn’t get the glory – we have failed in our mission.

It is essential for our church at Pray’s Mill to go beyond the borders of Douglasville with the gospel of Christ.  If Christ really has called us to engage the nations with the message of Christ – we must go!  This task will require praying, giving, and going to see it through.  We need everyone to get involved to make it happen!

What will be the cost?

Each time we plant a church, the cost will be different.  At the present time, we have very limited information on the cost for this project.  However, we can share some round numbers as estimates.  After our April trip, we will provide a full overview of the cost to the church.  For now, we can estimate the following:

  • Church Building Construction:  ~ $25,000
  • Mission Trip Research and Planning:  ~ $5,000
  • Pastor Salary:  ~ $400.00 per month (continuing)
  • Plan:  To pay the lead pastor a salary for approximately 2-5 years until the church is able to support him full-time.

Will you pray about how God will use you to reach the people in the mountain region of Ecuador?

The immediate needs:

1.  Praying:  Jesus has called us to pray to the Lord of the harvest that He will send laborers into His harvest.  Therefore, each of us need to be in prayer about this tremendous task.

2.  Giving:  We will need money and resources to see this ministry continue.  Each member of our church should commit to praying about what the Lord would have us give in order to kick off and support this church plant.  It will take sacrifice, but that is exactly what the Lord has commanded from us.

3.  Going:  Although some people may not be able to travel to these remote locations around the world, many of us can.  We will need ongoing mission teams prepared and ready to travel to these locations in the months and years to follow in order to make Christ known around the world.  Traveling to these church locations will enable us to see the vision in place, assist the church leaders, evangelize the lost, and bring back reports to our church family.

II.  The Exploratory Trip for Facts and Evangelism

You can watch the video below

III.  The Next Steps for Zhud [PM Ecuador]

We are praying and fasting over the next 25 days as we prepare to sacrifice our money for the glory of God among the people of Zhud Ecuador.  The schedule of events will be as follows:

  1. Intense prayer and fasting each Monday
  2. Give your money above your normal giving on Sunday morning June 5th

    NOTE:  If you can’t be here that week, you can give early.  Just make sure your gift is titled, “PM Missions”
  3. Organize the construction of the building that will take approximately 3 months
  4. Plan a trip where we will go back for the final week of construction and dedication service in the new building.  We will plan to take about 20 people from our church to go and take part in this event!
  5. We will start paying Pastor Lucas the money for his salary ASAP!  This will enable him to be freed up to go and do the work of the ministry.
  6. We hope to be able to furnish the building with tables, chairs, and other items necessary for education work in the ministry.

Jim Elliot, martyred missionary in Ecuador once said, “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.”

Jim Elliot

What did Elliot intend by that quote?  It was based on what Jesus once said, “For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel’s, the same shall save it” (Mark 8:35).

Are you ready to pray, give, and go for Christ!  Christ is calling – will you obey?