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You often hear this phrase repeated around the campus of Pray’s Mill, “From the neighborhoods to the nations.” That’s our goal. We want to impact people for Christ here locally and across the oceans.

As we reflect back on 2014 and the recent G3 Conference from last week, we can see that the ministry of this church has a diverse impact that you may not realize. This impact begins locally in the pulpit and proceeds out from there through PM Sports, PM Missions, the Southern Baptist Convention partnership, personal evangelism efforts, media ministry (Internet), and the G3 Conference. Consider the diverse population that hear sermons online, cross our paths through PM Sports, and feel our impact through prayer and mission involvement in our PM Missions ministry.

As David Miller was about to preach in the G3 Conference last week, I walked up and whispered in his ear that I was praying for him as he preached the Word. He said to me, “Josh, you do realize what’s happening here is a phenomenon don’t you?” I replied, “I do realize that it’s something very unusual for sure.” He went on to explain that he has been traveling and preaching in conferences for 50 years, and what he sees taking place here in the G3 Conference is not normal.

As I thought about his statement, I considered the reach of the conference. We had people here from California, Minnesota, Kansas, Virginia, New Jersey, Florida, Arizona, Kentucky, Texas, Illinois, Indiana, and many other states far and wide. We likewise had people here from England, Mexico, and Canada. The total number of people we had in the sanctuary was just over 700 (not counting our PM church members). The people who watched online totaled 10,600+ from 78 different countries.

A few years ago when I brought up the concept to Ric and we started praying about this church hosting a Bible conference, we had no idea that it would have such a far reaching impact on the nations. God is the One responsible for this 173 year old church and all of the ministries we do – including the G3. I’m humbled that God would use us. We must pray earnestly that we would see the vision and opportunity to impact people (equip, encourage, educate) with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

As we consider the ministries of our church, we must ask ourselves, “How do I further the cause of impacting people with the gospel through my local church?” The fact is, every person matters within the local church. Everyone has a purpose. Everyone has a gift to glorify God. Everyone has a place where they’re needed. Find your spot and get involved. We need everyone pulling their own load. Help us reach far and impact deeply the lives of those to whom God has placed in our paths. Let us labor as unto the Lord. As we labor together, let’s build solid relationships that bring us closer together as a church in 2015. You may not be able to go with us in May to Ecuador, but you can pray. You may not be able to travel to Africa, but you can give. You may not be able to go overseas to do missions, but you can walk across the street. You may not be able to fly on an airplane across the ocean, but you can drive to the gymnasium and serve in PM Sports. We can all work together for God’s glory to impact people with the gospel.

The Reformers often repeated this line years ago, “Soli Deo Gloria.” It means, “To the glory of God alone.” May that be our motto of ministry!

Pastor Josh Buice

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